I know you are familiar with the clothing that I am passionate about selling, but did you know that I am a personal shopper as well? If you can’t find the item you need in the Carlisle Collection, then I will find exactly what you need somewhere else!

Personal shoppers are for the busy woman who longs to make amazing first impressions but needs a little help getting there. Maybe fashion isn’t something you think a lot about, or rather you have little time to. Maybe you’d rather spend your day doing work-related things or with family.

You probably already have a team of people to help you out with daily tasks. A nanny for your children, a personal trainer to keep you motivated on your fitness journey, and an accountant to handle your finances. Why not add a personal shopper to your team?

A personal shopper takes on the role of decision-making, shopping, and presenting you with the goods. All you have to do is look and feel stunning in your new, uniquely chosen-for-you clothing!

There are a few amazing perks to having a personal shopper.

You will have a cohesive wardrobe

Your closet will be filled with perfectly-fitting, hand-picked items. Imagine having a wardrobe of finely selected items in the right colors and styles to match your unique style and body type. You will never have to rummage through your closet and try on several outfits for something to wear. You will never have to say “I have nothing to wear” ever again!

You will create your own personal image

What message do you want to send to the world? Our clothing reveals so much about us. What do you want your clothing to say? For many women in business or in roles of status in the community, it’s important to make the right impressions. Whether we’re in business or not, we all have a personal “brand.” If you feel like your outfit choices aren’t shouting exactly who you are to the world, then using a personal shopper to help you convey your message is a great option.

Keep up with trends easily

Not only do trends change with the seasons, but they tend to pop up throughout the year as well. If you need updates on the latest trends, that’s what I’m here for.

Look great, every day

Everyone has a personal style and it works best when you find what looks stunning on you. The colors that fit your skin tone, the styles that fit your shape, and how to bring it all together.

It’s really convenient

Do you frequently travel for business or leisure? Packing and getting ready for a trip of any kind can be stressful. With a personal shopper, you can get everything you need for the trip and all of the clothing for your destination. Packing will be a cinch.

I’m well connected

In my years in the fashion world, I have built up a strong Rolodex of fantastic connections! I have built relationships with clothing stores and other fashion professionals to help make it really easy for me to find the perfect garments for you.

A personal relationship

As a personal shopper, I take the time to get to know my clients. I believe my passion for close connections with my clients is what sets me apart from the rest. Together we can create the perfect wardrobe for you.

Personal shoppers are passionate about fashion

Fashion is a big part of my life; which is most obvious in my business. I am captivated by fabrics, styles, and designs. If fashion isn’t your strong suit, then I can meet you halfway. Just leave the passion for fashion up to me, I’ll do the rest!

Whether you need a personal shopper each season or for a special occasion, I’m here to help and my goal is always to make you smile, be of service wherever and however possible, and to make you feel marvelous and comfortable in your clothes.

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