Summer is finally upon us and that means summer trips are right around the corner. Are you in need of a Summer Vacation Packing Strategy? The hardest part of a breezy summer vacation is packing for the trip. Often times, we decide on choosing outfits for each day we will be away. Usually, we sort through our closets and pick out a number of outfits with careful planning. But then we decide we should bring a sweater for cool nights or we may need more than one formal dress, and the list goes on and on. Inevitably, over packing happens! We end up over packing to compensate for any extra days or outfit changes. Over packing for a trip is something that most of us do to be doubly sure we have everything we need and more. But inescapably, there will be clothes that go unworn during the trip and each carefully planned outfit will be mixed and matched according to the weather or other unpredictable events.

There is a better way to pack for your summer vacation. It’s the easiest way to ensure you’ll have enough to wear without over packing or stressing out over what outfits to bring. Instead of packing eight different outfits and then determining what shoes, bags, and accessories will match each outfit, choose a monochromatic theme for your clothing!

Without a doubt, the easiest way to pack for a trip is to choose one color and style your vacation wardrobe around that color. To start, choose a color that you’d like to wear for your monochromatic look. Surely, there is a color in your closet that looks great on you and you wear it often. Now all you have to do is pair your color with some other neutral basics, and you have a suitcase of clothes that all match perfectly!

Simplify everything when it comes to choosing what to pack and don’t dwell on what to wear each day of your vacation. When you have a suitcase full of clothes that all match, you can easily dress every day of your vacation without much thought. Navy blue is a nice choice, so let’s use that as an example. Decide to bring a few navy blue basics, like blouses, capris, or summer dresses. Then, the rest is simple, just add neutral colors like white, black, or gray to pair with your chosen color to complete your monochromatic look. Add crisp white tanks, white linen pants, or denim. You now have everything yat you need to construct all of your vacation outfits with ease! There’s no need to worry about over packing because you can mix and match to create fresh new outfits out of the pieces you chose. Getting dressed for your day is so easy because everything in your suitcase matches!

Bringing along accessories for the trip is now streamlined as well because you can choose bags, shoes, and hats that match your color scheme. Instead of bringing multiple bags, shoes, and accessories to ensure you have enough to look put together is no longer an issue. You’re free to pack light and enjoy your vacation!

Using the summer Carlisle Collection the galleries below give you just a summer vacation packaging strategy to get through any summer vacation.





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