05 Dec 2018
December 5, 2018

It’s All About The Layers

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The temperatures will be dropping considerably in the coming weeks and that means that it’s all about layers! Layering clothing is a fashion statement, but underneath that, it’s all about comfort and warmth. Stay warm by bundling up in layers while remaining perfectly fashionable.

Layering creates versatile outfits that look great even when a layer or two is stripped off. Being able to modify your outfit in public in the colder months is convenient and chic, and often necessary. We can easily strip off or add a layer as needed. The changing temperatures we encounter daily are often dramatic. Going from the freezing outdoors to the often overly warm indoors is precisely why we layer.

Layering is simple. Here’s how to layer for comfort and style.

  1. The innermost layer should be a breathable tank top, camisole, or sleeveless top and it should be relatively snug. Silk is a good fabric choice because it will remain cool enough. If it’s really cold, long sleeves are great, especially a bold color or stripes that will peek out from under a chunky sweater or blazer.
  2. Add your outer layers: Button–up shirts, cardigans, blouses, etc.

Add a third layer if you’d like: Blazers, jackets, boyfriend sweaters, chunky knit sweaters, etc. Outer layers should be fabrics that will keep you warm like wool, thick cotton, flannel, and cashmere.

  1. Add practical accessories

Add hats, gloves, scarves. Match your accessories with your clothing. For example, if you take off a coat or sweater, make sure the layer underneath still looks great with your scarf.

These steps are the most straightforward way to layer for comfort and style. Your inner layers should breathe so you don’t find yourself overheating, and the outer layers can be fabrics that keep you warmest. Be sure that each piece matches so that whichever layers you take off, you still look perfectly put together.

Extra Tips:

  • Pair fancy and casual pieces together if you need to go from day to night.
  • For a more form-fitting look, belt your cardigan at the waist.
  • Your button–ups are possibly the most versatile layering piece. They look great under sweaters, vests, and cardigans, over dresses, or over t-shirts.
  • If your button up is a bold color or pattern, wear a white sweater over it, and the layers will really pop.
  • Remember to flatter your figure. Layering can add bulk, so if you want your silhouette to be slim, keep the inner layers snug. If you wear a loose blouse underneath a loose sweater, wear skinny jeans to balance out the look.

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