11 Sep 2018
September 11, 2018

Iconic Fashion

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Six of the Most Timeless Fashion Pieces in History

Fashion trends change with the seasons, so it’s no surprise when we see trends come and go. Every once in a while, something comes along that withstands the test of time. There are some pieces of fashion that are exquisitely timeless, classic, and will always be in style. These next signature fashions have left their mark on the world and have held their spots as the most iconic pieces of fashion, ever.

The Little Black Dress

We have the little black dress thanks to no other than the fashion icon Coco Chanel. Before the popularity of the little black dress, women only wore black when in mourning. The LBD was once entitled Chanel’s “Ford”, during a time when the Ford Model T was the car for every man in America. In 1926, a sketch of the LBD designed by Chanel was published by Vogue. The little black dress was dubbed as the dress for every woman. Little black dresses captured the hearts of women in all social classes and became an emblem of fashion. When Audrey Hepburn wore a LBD while peering into the window at Tiffany’s, the rest was history.

Every woman has a little black dress (or four) in her closet. The little black dress is one of the pieces of clothing we love because it’s so versatile. If you aren’t sure what to wear, you can never go wrong in a little black dress. Little black dresses are going down into fashion history as the most timeless and classic piece of clothing we can own.

The Chanel Suit

It’s hard to believe that in 1923 a group of women who were the first to see Chanel’s tweed suits turned their noses up at the design. After WWII, the resilient Coco Chanel reintroduced her tweed suits to the world and they were a big hit. For the first time, women were free of the tightly-cinched suits of the past. A more relaxed, but still elegant suit was born. A Chanel suit is a timeless piece that never goes out of style with the decades.


The very first customer to purchase the famous Louboutins was the Princess of Monaco. These glamourous red-bottomed heels are beautifully crafted with an allure of grace and refinement. The signature red on the bottom of the heels was inspired by a serendipitous moment. Christian Louboutin’s assistant was painting her nails red and Louboutin took the nail polish and began to paint the sole of a shoe with red nail polish. That day, some of the world’s most iconic shoes were made into what they are today. The red-bottomed shoes are one of the most recognizable high-end shoe brands in the world, thanks to the bright red soles.

The Chanel 2.55

Before the 1950’s, highly dignified women carried handbags exclusively in their hands. The over-the-shoulder handbag did not exist until 1955 when Coco Chanel designed the Chanel 2.55. In a time when women started needing more practicality, the 2.55 was created to be most versatile and easy to carry. For the first time ever, upper-class women were able to carry a bag on their shoulders and have their hands free. The black leather Chanel 2.55 remains a style icon and a quintessential item in fashion history.

The Rolex

The classic, prestigious Rolex is an epic sign of luxury that never goes out of style. A Rolex is an investment piece that can be handed down to next generations and the Rolex will still be relevant and ageless. Rolex watches are created with precision and style making them radiate with the allure of elegance.

The Birkin

In the 1980’s, the bag’s muse, Jane Birkin was seated next to the CEO of Hermes, Jean-Louis Dumas on an airplane. On the flight, Jane began to complain that she wasn’t able to find the perfect handbag for the weekend. Jane, who did not know who Dumas was, described her dream bag to him. Unknowingly, she pitched a new bag idea to the CEO of Hermes. The Birkin was created according to Jane’s descriptions of her perfect bag. The Birkin was delivered to Jane from Mr. Dumas with a handwritten note. Now, the Birkin is still one of the world’s most luxurious bags.

The Hermes Birkin bag is an icon of style and class. The structured, stylish handbags are the epitome of a classic fashion piece that will never go out of style. In 30 years’ time, the Birkin has remained a supreme accessory.