For women, there are four different body shapes that each one of us is likely to fit into. Knowing which of these four categories is your basic body shape will ensure that the clothes you choose and how you wear them, will look stunning on you. An article of clothing may be beautiful on a friend and look like a disaster on you. We all have different body types that come with bits we like and bits we don’t like. If we can cleverly conceal those we don’t like and accentuate those we do, then we will always be able to look great in our clothing. The trick is to dress to flatter your unique shape and you will always look fabulous.

The Apple

Apple body types have wide shoulders and slim limbs. Most of your weight is concentrated in the bust and midriff section. The best way to dress an apple-shaped body is to redirect attention away from the midriff and accentuate the bust and neck. Avoid accentuating your waist and choose wide-leg or flared pants. Wide-leg pants will help balance out a heavier top. Choose tops that drape over your waist.

What Not to Wear: Skinny or straight-leg pants will only help to accentuate wider shoulders and bust.

The Pear

The pear is the opposite of the apple body shape. You carry most of your weight in the lower half of your body. Your hips are wider than your bust and your shoulders are narrower. Your hips, thighs, and behind are more noticeable. Choose to balance your top and bottom by accentuating your shoulders. Wear shirts that show off your shoulders in order to appear more balanced. Wearing a bra that enhances your bust is an option if you choose to. Wearing straight-leg or boot-leg pants with heels is very flattering on you.

What Not to Wear: Neither tight or skinny pants, nor flared pants. Skinny pants will accentuate your legs even more, and flared pants do not flatter a pear-shaped body.

The Rectangle

Measuring is the best way to determine if you have a rectangle-shaped body. If your bust, waist, and hips are all roughly equal. There aren’t any noticeable curves and your body is rather straight. Some rectangles have a curvy bottom and some don’t. In order to flatter your body, work on exaggerating some curves. Cinching your waist with a belt is an option to create the illusion of a narrow waist. Ruffles and embellishments at the bust can accentuate the breasts. Take the initiative to show off your legs with skirts or skinny pants. Choosing a bra to add a cup size is an easy option to create more curves at the bust.

What Not to Wear: Avoid menswear trends completely. Baggy shirts and pants will only hide your figure, not flaunt it.

The Hourglass

If your waist is significantly narrower than your bust and hips, you have an hourglass figure. The hips and bust are roughly the same size. It’s possible to carry weight in the arms, have wider shoulders, or a full bottom. To dress an hourglass, flaunt your waist. Your waist is your strength and showing it off will help show off your curves. Accentuating the thinnest part of your waist will help show off the rest of your curves. Tailored clothing is great for hourglass-shaped bodies. Wear a supportive bra and remember that V-neck tops look great on you.

What Not to Wear: Don’t wear any clothing that drapes or is shapeless. Avoid looking boxy will large clothing. Anything that hangs over the bust and drapes down will not show off your waist and you are likely to look bigger.

No matter your shape, I can fit you with the current Carlisle season or we can shop together. Our goal can be finding you pieces that perfectly flatter your figure, complement your existing wardrobe and help you understand the best way to dress your figure for every occasion.

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