14 Nov 2018
November 14, 2018

Fashion Rules to Break

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Every season fashion is dictated by designers who decide what’s hot. Being trendy is important to most, and we’ve all tried new fashion trends that have come and gone but we know each one passes and is soon forgotten. Back in the 90s an anti–fashion trend began, in which, fashion designers began to challenge what people described as glamorous. There is a part of the fashion world that almost mocks the norm and provokes the standard of typical beauty, and these fashion theatrics are frequently the trends that come and go.

While following the trends can be a fun way to express yourself, it is also fair to ignore them completely. Here are a few fashion rules that you can give the cold shoulder for Fall 2018:

Forget About Trendy Dresses

There are so many types of dresses that are highlighted every season but they are not one size fits all. Each woman’s body type is unique to her and different styles of dresses flatter some more than other. More important than following the trends is dressing for your body type. Long, flowy prairie dresses may be in style right now, but if they don’t flatter your unique body type, wearing one would be a disaster. Half Bohemian–half Victorian, billowy prairie dresses flatter tall women with an athletic shape. If you’re short and curvy, this trend can be easily overlooked.


It’s more important to know your body and how to dress it rather than following the trends.

Choose conscientiously when mixing patterns

Most fashion magazines will say to avoid mixing animal prints, plaids, stripes, and other prints. Except once every now and then it is declared fashionable. This Fall, mixing patterns is on trend – but this is another trend that is completely desirable to ignore if you wish. Mixing prints can be tricky and it can end up looking like a catastrophe.


Choose the size and style of prints and patterns that flatters your body type. If you want to express yourself by mixing prints, keep one print larger than the other and keep the colors complementary.

Wear White After Labor Day

This may be the most antiquated fashion rule of all because this so–called “rule” was most likely created in the late-1800s or early-1900s! Back then, there was a discrepancy between traditional “old money” families and the wave of “new money” families that were considered tasteless and vulgar. The elite wives of old money created fashion rules to distinguish themselves as classier than the rest. Somehow, the trend stuck around. Famously, Coco Chanel wore white year–round in a rebellious act of her own. It is perfectly okay to wear a crisp white trench coat or white trousers this Fall.


This Fall, wearing white with your Fall clothing is acceptable in many forms. White investment pieces are perfect – just stay away from blatantly summery pieces.

With these tips and any other fashion “rules” that the fashion magazines mandate, it’s important to remember how to dress for your body type and personal style over any fleeting fads. Don’t be afraid to buck the trends and do your own thing. Defining your own classic, timeless style is much more meaningful than letting the trends define you.

If you’re unsure how to “break the fashion rules” while remaining classy and appropriate, please contact me. We can discuss your personal style and what works best for your body type and lifestyle. I can help you define your wardrobe so that you have all the pieces you need to feel fashionable and comfortable while wearing the trends that work for you and forgetting the rest.