About Lois

Luxury Women’s Clothing

small_3020My name is Lois Ehrenfeld de Buren, and I am delighted to represent Carlisle & Per Se in San Francisco. Carlisle features luxury women’s clothing. The company is known for its sophisticated and elegant designs, classic lines, impeccable detailing and fine fabrics which come from some of the same mills that produce fabrics for Chanel and Chloe. Our design team at Carlisle searches the globe for great inspiration, pattern ideas, and current trends. We offer value and the long-lasting good looks which enable women to build a fabulous wardrobe unique to their personal style. 

With my years of experience in the fashion industry, style expertise, and creativity, I’m able to help you build a wardrobe from these outstanding collections, one that exudes your personal style, confidence, and fits your lifestyle perfectly. With these collections, pieces can be added to your closet that will complement garments you already own; giving you a fresh, up-to-date look each season. 

My ultimate goal, as a Carlisle Stylist, is to create for you each season a meaningful and unique shopping experience that is more than just about clothes. I want to make you smile, be of service wherever and however possible, and to make you feel marvelous and comfortable in your clothes. To that end, I have tailoring services available if required, and I keep files on all the pieces my customers buy so that we always have a point of reference when adding new garments. I will help with any problem items in your closet, and if a woman wishes, I will be happy to go through her current wardrobe with her. I am completely open to any clothing needs and special requests that my clients might have.

During each season I have a one-week trunk show which is seen by appointment to introduce my clients to fashions for that season.

It is a great pleasure to present our collections to you, and I look forward to working with you.